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Parallel Twin Screw Extruder

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Prime Mechatronics is one professional China parallel twin screw extruder supplier among those famous such manufacturers, you can wholesale parallel twin screw extruder directly through our website.Detailed introduction for Parallel Twin Screw ExtruderDeacription:       SHJ series parallel twin screw extruder is widely used for plastic modified granulation,master batch granulation,wood  plastic composite granulation,PVC granulation,PET granulation etc.It is mainly composed of high torque gearbox,meshed structurescrew,blending feeding system,exhaust system,heating and cooling system etc.The meshed structure screw has excellent mixing and plasticization,comparing with other type extruder.Specification:    Model     SHJ20     SHJ30    SHJ50     SHJ65     SHJ72    SHJ92Screw dia(mm)     φ21.7     φ30    φ50.5     φ62.4      φ71.2     φ91Rotate speed(r/min)      600     400   400/600    500/600    400/500   400/500Mtor power(kw)       4     11    11/15    55/75    90/110   220/250L/D    32-40   28-48    28-48    28-48    28-48    28-40Output(kg/h)    2-10   5-30    40-80   100-300   300-600  600-1000

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