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Pdc For Oil Drilling Bits 1313

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Donge Zuanbao Diamond Co.,Ltd is one of the top level pdc for oil drilling bits 1313 manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands,Website:http://www.zbdiamondtools.com, we are able to offer you best, cheap and high-quality and pdc for oil drilling bits 1313 diamond, pdc for oil drilling bits.1)Product DescriptionA full range of PDC cutters designed for oil/gas drilling bits, are manufactured under state of the art sintering processes. It consists of a layer of polycrystalline diamond integrally sintered to a tungsten carbide substrate under high pressure and high temperature. PDC cutter combines the hardness and abrasion resistance of diamond with the impact resistance of tungsten carbide, and provides faster, more durable and more cost-effective drilling.2)SpecificationsProduct  NumberDiameter(D)(mm)Height(T)(mm)Diamond Thickness(t) (mm)Diamond Chamfer(mm)130813.44±0.038.00±0.102.30±0.200.30±0.10131313.44±0.0313.20±0.102.30±0.200.30±0.10160815.88/16.00±0.038.00±0.102.30±0.200.30±0.10161315.88/16.00±0.0313.20±0.102.30±0.200.30±0.10190819.05±0.058.00±0.102.30±0.200.30±0.10191319.05±0.0513.20±0.102.30±0.200.30±0.10191619.05±0.0516.31±0.102.30±0.200.30±0.103)Features1. The PDC cutter has high abrasive resistance. High quality materials are sintered to form the diamond layer which is of rigid framework structure. The PDC features compact structure and good abrasive resistance.2. The PDC cutter features good impact resistance. The PDC uses tungsten carbide material which has good impact resistance and the diamond layer can guarantee the toughness of the impact resistance.3. The PDC cutter has strong binding force. The junction plane of the diamond layer and the tungsten carbide layer uses a corrugated tooth design. The binding force can be increased and the bad impact of the plane residual stress on the PDC performance can be avoided.4. The PDC cutter has good self sharpening performance. The good organization microstructure of the diamond makes the diamond particle remain sharp all times.5. The PDC cutter features good thermal conductivity. Its highest bearing temperature can reach 700°C.4)Advantages of pdc1.With feature of high working efficiency, smooth surface2.Advanced technics and strict process control4.Long lifespan and stable performance5.Competitive price and superior quality 6.Excellent service5)Application1.For oil drilling 2.For well drilling 3.For geological drilling 4.For coal drilling 5.For hard material drilling4))References1, Packing : 50,100 pieces/plastic box2, Delivery time: based on your quantity, but our daily output is more than 1000 pieces3, Usually, we send by DHL, UPS, EMS, also by sea shipment& air shipment.4, Payment terms: T/T 30% deposit, balance before shipment.5, MOQ: 100 pieces.6, Sample: can be provided free of charge, BUT express charge will be afforded by customer.

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