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Peach Powder

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If you are looking for high purity and best selling peach powder or you want to import high quality and excellent price peach powder, Xi'an Le Sen Bio-technology Co.,Ltd is always at your service.The peach is a species of the Prunus persica, and is a fruit tree of the rose family Rosaceae. They grow in the warm regions of both the northern and southern hemispheres.Peaches are grown all over the world these days but they are becoming very expensive. In Peru, peaches are called panigwats, which means sweet fruit.The peach first came from China. It has been grown from at least since 1000 B.C.E. In Chinese culture, the peach tree is considered to be the tree of life and peaches are symbols of immortality. Peach blossoms are carried by Chinese brides. Prodcut name: Peach PowderLatin Name: Prunus persica(L.)BatschSpecification:  Spray dried Powder Appearance: Light pink powderMesh size: 80 MeshUsed Part: FruitGrade: Food & PharmaceuticalBrand Name: LS-HerbTest Method: TLC  Function:1. Dietotherapy role2. Widely used in healthy product, healthy nutrition ,baby food3. Widely used in Beverage, Dairy ,Instant food 4. High physiological active ingredients, and 90% of Vitamins

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