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Pendimethalin 400g/l Ec

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ITEM STANDARD Appearance Light yellow clear liquid Pendimethalin, g/L ≥ 400.0 pH 5.0~8.0 Water, % ≤ 0.5 Use: Control of most annual grasses and many annual broad-leaved weeds in cereals, onions, leeks, garlic, fennel, maize, sorghum, rice, soya beans, peanuts, brassicas, carrots, celery, black salsify, peas, field beans, lupins, evening primrose, tulips, potatoes, cotton, hops, pome fruit, stone fruit, berry fruit (including strawberries), citrus fruit, lettuce, aubergines, capsicums, established turf, and in transplanted tomatoes, sunflowers, and tobacco. Applied pre-plant incorporated, pre-emergence, pre-transplanting, or early post-emergence. Similar specification: Pendimethalin 330g/L EC Package: 200L drum or customized package.

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