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Perforated Mesh

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Product Description

Perforated Mesh Materials: Galvanized Plates,Low Carbon Steel Plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Aluminum Plate, Alloy Plate, etc.
Weaving and characteristics: It is punched to meshes. With the character of winding-resisting, Ageing-resisting, flat and  smooth surface, it is strong and serviceable.
used in filter of automobiles internal-combustion engine, sieving of mine, Medicine, grain, sound insulation of room, ventilate of grain depot, etc.
Punching shape: Square, rectangular, round, diamond, oblong, hexagon or special.
Rolled plate thickness: 0.2mm-1mm, length: 20m, aperture:3mm-10mm.
Plate thickness: 0.2mm-20mm, wide*length ≤ 1.5m*5m, aperture:0.25mm-200mm.
Punching Way:
1. Same direction of continuous cutting: Using rectangular mesh mold overlap processing, can
carry on the processing of long hole, trimming, etc;
2. Progressive forming: The molding than mesh size large processing way;
3. Nibble: Using a small circular die with small interval for continuous strike arc rocessing way;
4. Continuous cutting direction: Using a small mesh mold machining way of big hole;
5. A single forming: According to the mold shape a shallow deep drawing forming processing way;
6. Single punching: A single complete punching, including straight line, arc distribution, the circulardistribution, grid hole punching;
7. Array forming: On the big board processing more than the same or different ways of work piece machining.

Widely used through the urban area of highway, railway, subway in the environmental noise barrier,also used in building, electron industry, chemical mechinery, mechanical equipment and so on.

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