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Perforated Release Film

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Product Description
product Mian Material CAS No MF  Place of  Origin Perforated Release Film PE/PP 9002-88-4/9003-07-0 [C2H4]n/(C3H6)n Shanghai, China 1、Description Perforated Realease Film contacts with laminate directly, separating laminate and peel ply which has no release property. 2、Properties of products Items Description Properties 1 material PE/PP 2 pore diameter 0.8mm   0.2mm 3 pitch 8mm 0.1mm 4 Thickness 30 5 Max. working temperature 125 6 Tensile strength 25MPa 7 Elongation 200% 8 Width 1.5m  2mm 9 length According to the request

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