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Perkins Silent Generator

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LEES silent generators take advantages of weatherproof canopy, which is fashionable and beautiful with bright color. Unique design of muffler, inlet and outlet air and mute cotton low the noise of generators obviously, which could reach 58-60dbA/7m without loading and 62-65dbA/7m with full loading.LEES Perkins silent generators have a wide power range from 8~2475kVA. The generators are widely used in industrial, commercial, backup, primary power source and outdoors project work and so on.Perkins company is one of the world's first engine manufacturer in China, and create in the UK in 1932. As the world's leading engine manufacturer, perkins engines because of its economy, reliability and durability as 8-2000 kw power engine industry leaders.Global network of more than 118 Perkins agent, in more than 180 countries and regions, through 3500 service outlets to provide product support. Perkins diesel engine USES for power generation series including 400, 1100, 1300, 1100, 2000 and 4000 series.Benefits of LEES Perkins Silent Generator:1. Typical color match "yellow with black", which is bright and attractive2. Cover of canopy use the design of a slight angle, which is unique and modern.3. Higher "panzer base frame" design is strong and durable, which has high industrial traits.4. Intelligent control panel is located in the same side of maintenance door, which is more convenient for customer to check and maintain.5. The rainproof canopy is used 2 mm thickness cold rolled steel, strong and durable, which sound insulation effect is good. The surface of the canopy is used powder painting, which production workmanship is rigorous.6. Adopt two-step silencing technology with high density sound-absorbing cotton to reduce running noise.7. Humanized design fully consider the customer experience and improve its service satisfaction.

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