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Permanent Magnetic Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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permanent magnetic vacuum circuit breaker  VSM series of indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is adopted front and rare construction for their permanent magnetic and vacuum interrupters. The main conducting circuit is with floor-standing type, the upper and lower outlet terminal and vacuum interrupters are installed in one insulation house. The insulation house is casted with epoxy resin material by APG technology, which can protect the surface of the vacuum interrupters against dust accumulation and impact. It also has good insulation property under humid, hot and pollution ambient condition.  The vacuum circuit breaker with permanent mechanism is air-insulated, used for indoor installation for different kind of power load, it is suitable for electrical net construction and reconstruction project in municipal net, rural net, mineral and railway net system, especially used in that fields which require frequently switching and have some requirement for short circuit operation cycles. This product was introduced by some international advance technique and processing technology with characteristics of intelligence, high reliability, long endurance and free maintenance etc.NO.ItemUnitSpecification1Rated VoltagekV12 2Rated CurrentA6301250200031503Rated Short-time Withstand CurrentkA2531.531.5404Rated Thermal Stability Current(valid)2531.531.5405Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current2531.531.5406Rated Short-circuit Closing Current(peak value)6380801007Rated Dynamic Stability Current(peak value)63808010081min Power Frequency Withstand VoltagekV29Thermal Stability Times410Rated Lighting Impulse Withstand Voltage(peak value) Phase to Ground/FracturekV75/85111MIN Power Frequency Withstand Voltage(valid)Phase to Ground/FracturekV42/5812Mechanical LifeTimes3000013Rated Operation SequenceO-0.3S-CO-180S-CO14Rated Short-circuit Current Breaking TimesTimes5015Rated Current Breaking TimesTimes3000016Permanent Magnetism Mechanism Closing, Opening/Auxiliary Power VoltageVAC DC220

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