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Pesticide Complete Production Line

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Pesticide Complete Production Line Pesticide Complete Production Line Product Introduction Farfly Industry provides design and manufacturing of pesticide complete production line adopts raw materials automatic charging, metering system, dispersing &emulsifying and mixing system, milling system, cleaning system, automatic control system, automatic filling machine, etc advanced manufacturing method to realize automatic production. The Complete automatic production process reduces workloads and avoids quality problems caused by human factors and herein, improves the products quality and efficiency to large extent. 【Materials】: Liquid pesticide, suspension pesticide, emulsion pesticide, etc. 【Capacity】: 300T-30,000T/year 【Application】: Suitable for organic pesticide, inorganic pesticide, botanical pesticide, microbial pesticide, etc. (More information please click FREE CONSULTATION)Pesticide Complete Production Line Product Advantages High Dispersing Efficiency Dispersing kettle adopts multi-shaft and multi-function design with low speed scraper mixing &dispersing and high shear emulsifying device. Different mixing devices can be used together or separated in different stages to mixing powder and additives into liquid in short time to get good product. Good fineness and High Stability Basket mill, horizontal beads mill, etc high fineness milling machine are applied in production lines according to production process and products characteristics(materials fineness) to mill and thin raw materials. Ground materials show good products with good fineness, high stability, small chromatism and less pollution. Environmentally-friendly and Safe Operation Products are manufactured in totally closed flow line production surroundings, there is no dust in workshop which reduces operators' workload and improves efficiency to large extent. Highly Automatic Powder and liquid storage and batching system, automatic filling system, PLC control system are optional according to process to realize the automatic produce and remote control.Pesticide Complete Production Line Technical ParameterCapacity: 300-30,000T/year Charging method: mechanical charge, vacuumed charge, positive pressure air transmission Dispersing device: single-shaft dispersing kettle dual-shaft dispersing kettle, multi-function dispersing kettle. Milling device: basket mill . Horizontal bead mill. Filtering: filter car, self-cleaning filter Filling: semi-auto filling machine, automatic filling machine. Materials: contacting part with medium is SS304 or SS316 Working condition: ex-proof, non ex-proof

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