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Pet Bathtub-mg888

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Product: Pet BathtubBrand: Nami • MengpoModel: MG888 (white tub)           MG888-13 (black tub)Size: 800x700x950 mmInterior Size: 720x520x400 mmVolume: 0.54m3Description:- Bathtub specially designed for pet,Website:, suitable for medium and small pet.- The bathtub is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic material, smooth and easy to clean, no toxic released in use.- The height of the bathtub makes it easy to shower the pet in a standing position.- A handheld sprayer helps cleaning the pet more gently and efficiently.- A special hair strainer prevents the waste pipe from being blocked by pet hair.- With good heat-insulation effect, the tub saves water and can be used in all seasons.- Accessories: handheld sprayer with push switch, water handles, hair strainer, stopper.- Application: family, pet hospital, pet entertainment center, pet spa, pet beauty salon etc.Installation Tips:· Take out the two water inlet pipes from under the bathtub, and connect them to the available hot and cold water supply.· Put the drain pipe into the drain on the floor.· Adjust the levelling screws at the bottom if the bathtub is not level or steady.Size: 800x700x950 mmInterior Size: 720x520x400 mmThe handheld sprayer is made of brass and is chrome-plated. With an anti-slip handle, the sprayer provides great water control and sufficient flow power, cleaning the pet effectively and saving water at the same time.1. cold water handle2. hot water handle3. switch: water through sprayer or spout4. spoutInstruction: adjust cold water first, and then add hot water slowly.A special hair strainer prevents the waste pipe from being blocked by pet hair. Both made of 304 stainless steel, the hair strainer and the stopper are durable in use.The tub is supported by a strong stainless steel frame with levelling screws at the bottom.Color Options:

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