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Pet Crystallizer

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Product Description
It is critical to convert un-crystalized PET to crystalline before drying; otherwise, PET would lump. The crystallizer supplies high temperature dry air to realize low-moisture PET without agglomeration.The crystallizing system consists of a heat source, an insulating hopper with a blender and a rotary discharge valve. This device can be easily integrated with other material handing equipment.Hopper with blender prevents lump and deformation.Constant agitation and orientation pole prevent agglomerationAutomatically monitors hopper temperature to ensure continuous and reliable output of crystallized material.Processed materials can be currently discharged, or to be stored and re-used later.Material tank is equipped with door, and blender is detachable, both of which are easy to access and clean.ModelVCR-160VCR-500VCR-1000Capacity (L)160  5001000Blender Motor Power (kW) Power (kW)0.552.23Heating Power (kW)122448Crystallizing Ability (kg/hr)50150300Dimension (cm)125×143×280150×130×338Net Weight (kg)230500860We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice

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