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Pet Hyperbaric Chamber For Helathcare

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BENEFITS OF OXYGEN THERAPY FOR PETS1.Anti-aging, Enhance animal vitality.2.Prevention of obesity caused by lack of exercise3.Reducing body odor4.Making animal’s fur shiny supple5.Accelerate wound healing6.Prevention of bacterial infectionAPPLICATIONS OF HYPERBARIC OXYGEN CHAMBER.*PET MEDICAL & CLINIC*PET SALON&SPA*PET TRAINING CLUB*HOME USE&HEALTH CAREFAQWhat is Hyperbaric Therapy ?A new therapy is available that can help animals with all manner of medical problems. Just some of the many issues it can address, Cranial or spinal chord trauma, athletic injuries, shock, acute anemia, pulmonary edema, wounds like burns or snakebites, infectious diseases like Lyme disease, pancreatitis…the list goes on (and on). what is this miracle worker? Oxygen—plain, but not so simple. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been used in human medicine for over 20 years, healing injuries and saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Now, hyperbaric chambers for animals are available! The testimonials from veterinarians employing this healing modality are amazing and even a tortoise has benefitted from the therapy.How it works?The chamber delivers high purity oxygen at a greater than normal atmospheric pressure (the patient just breathes it in),  more oxygen to the tissues than breathing normal room air. This provides immediate help to compromised tissue, particularly that with marginal blood flow. Hyper-oxygenation of the tissue has tremendous success in curing deep-seated, resistant infection. In addition, the increased air pressure constricts small vessels, decreasing edema, which is especially important in treating burns and crushed tissue injuries. It also increases collateral blood flow, helping injured tissue heal while killing anaerobic bacteria and decreasing inflammation. The positive results seen in challenging cases is remarkable, healing persistent wounds such as that of a cat who suffered from an open wound for three years. Pretty amazing stuff! Over 20,000 pets have benefited thus far.PACKING & DELIVERYChamber Cabin+Accessories      Carton Dimension:      78*60*62  cm=0.29  CBM      Weight:45  KgOxygen Pressure Equipment      Carton Dimension:      54*38*42cm=0.09  CBM    Weight:32KgCooler      Carton Dimension      34*21*28=0.02CBM    Weight:6Kg1.Delivery time: Packages will be sent in 5-10working days after getting payment.2.Will send by FEDEX/DHL/UPS/TNT, door to door service.

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