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Pet Preform Making Machine

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Product Description
High Speed And Stable Quick response hydraulic system, sensitive control system, matching optimal mechanical structure, which make machine much stable and moving much faster. Energy Saving and Environmental protection  Servo motor system match optimal design of hydraulic system, realize maximum energy saving. Linear guide injection structure and capacity type quantitation  lubrication system which make production environment much cleaner. Reasonable Structure Single cylinder injection unit, realize injection much stable and precision. The double linear guide make friction coefficient quite low, moving much stable and fast. Double cylinder shifter cylinder effectively avoid nozzle deflection and material leaking. Structural optimization design connecting rod ensure machine quick movement and improving production efficiency. Moving Container use dual-directional regulation, extended self-lubricating graphite block which ensure clamping movement. Accurate Control  Use imported Chromatic LCD, high precision and fast response special controller. Electro-hydraulic proportional valve control opening and closing movement. Servo motor control injection movement, ensure injection accurate. Main technical features   SC128 SC168 SC218 SC268 SC328 SC388 SC438 Injection A B C A B C A B C A B C A B C A B C A B C Shout volume cm³ 215 263 316 291 349 463 399 529 678 595 763 951 918 1145 1435 1385 1590 2042 1590 2042 2550 Shot weight g/ 196 239