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Pet Vacuum Exhausting Single Screw Extrusion Line

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Product Description
PET single screw Plastic sheet extrusion machine, energy saving, high output, for producing high quality PET thermoforming products for packaging purpose, standard output approx 500kgs/hr, our standard sheet width is 710mm, sheet thickness range 0.2-2mm.PET is used widely in plastic processing field because it has good transparent, neutral in taste, high impact resistance, easy recyclability and other excellent properties.Basic Parameter:Sheet Thickness Range: 0.2-2mmRange of Finished Width: 500-1800mm ( wider on Request )Processed Polymers: APET, PETG and Special Coex structures, EVOH and PE.Line configuration:Raw material handling:Feed System: Individual Auto-vacuum LoadersMaterial Drying: Individual DesignedVolumetric or gravimetric dosing: Up to 4 Components Per ExtruderExtrusion System:Type of Extruder: Single Screw or Twin Screw ExtrudersSize of Extruder: Single Screw 65, 90, 120, 150Twin Screw 52, 65, 75, 95Melt Pump: Standard for PETFlat T-dieManual or Automatic Die,Cloth-hanger flow-channelDownstream:Calendering type: Inclined or Horizontal TypeCalendering rollers: 320mm,450mm,600mmRoller temperature control: Chiller and water thermoregulatorsEdge trimming and recycling:Trimming type: With Blades or Motor Driven circular KnivesGrinder: Inline grinding and refeeding directlyTake off Unit:Roll Size of take-off: 200mm,250mmRubber and Steel rollersWinder systemWinder type: Jumbo roll winders(electric drives)Turret windersNormal winderFully automatic windersAutomation: FUYU PLC control system equipped with famous electrical parts in the world.

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