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Welcome to Midway Dental Laboratory website, we are always ready for your needs of low price and high quality pfm crown, dental porcelain fused to metal crown made in China and China dental porcelain fused to metal crown.A crown is sometimes termed a "cap" or "jacket." A crown will restore a large filling or a cracked tooth to its original size, shape and tooth color. A crown may be recommended after root canal therapy has been completed, as the tooth tends to become brittle and is more likely to fracture. A crown can strengthen and protect the remaining tooth structure and improves the appearance of your teeth. With the advances in technology we now have the ability to make ceramic crowns with no metal. Procedure for CrownsTo place a crown, your dentist must reduce 1-2 mm of the tooth structure to make room for it. Your dentist will then use a piece of thread or cord or use a laser to push the gum down around the tooth, to take an impression of the tooth. The impressions are sent to the lab where the crown is made. During that time, you will have a temporary crown. These crowns are usually made of plastic and are made in your dentist's office on the day of your visit. They are not meant to last. If a temporary crown is left in the mouth for an extended period of time, the cement eventually washes out, and the tooth can further decay. At a second visit, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and test the permanent one. Sometimes a crown needs additional polishing, or glaze or other adjustment before being permanently cemented to your tooth. Types of CrownsEach type of crown differs in durability, strength, appearance and cost.Porcelain outer surface with a metal base crown (Porcelain Fused to Metal or PFM)Pure porcelain crown (All Ceramic)All metal crown (usually gold)Crown AestheticsCrowns give an unattractive tooth back its beautiful shape and color. For smaller or worn down teeth, a crown can restore the natural size of the old tooth. A crown can replace either part of the tooth or the entire tooth. For procedures requiring only the areas visible from the outside, a veneer may be an alternative option.

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