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Phellinus Igniarius Extract

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If you are looking for low price and high quality GMP, KOSHER and ISO certified phellinus igniarius extract, or you want to buy 100% pure natural, hat sale and organic factory supply phellinus igniarius extract from a famous China factory, please feel free to contact Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co.,Ltd.Quick DetailsType:            Mushroom ExtractForm:            PowderPart:            OtherExtraction Type:            Solvent ExtractionPackaging:            Drum, OtherPlace of Origin:            Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Grade:            for exportPhellinus Igniarius:            polysaccharide 10%,20%,30%Packaging & DeliveryPackaging Details:25kg/drum (40*50cm)Delivery Detail:promptSpecificationsPhellinus Igniarius Extract,Phellinus Igniarius powder, medicinal mushroom.richtext [data-maya] { width: 750px; } Phellinus Igniarius Extract  active ingredients: polysaccharides,detected by UV Specification content :polysaccharides,10%,20%,30% Appearance: Brown powder Particle Size :NLT100% 80mesh Moisture:7%max Shelf time: 2 years while properly stored.  Package:25kg/drum Phellinus Igniarius Extract Phellinus Iinteus is a kind of mushroom with magical medical properties. In anti-cancer aspect, its extracts have a very good effect in inhibiting the growth of tumors. Experiments confirmed that water extract of Phellinus igniarius can induce cancer cells enter the cell death process. In addition, Phellinus igniarius can also strongly inhibit the transferring of cancer cells and the cancer recurrence after surgery. Phellinus igniarius polysaccharide can significantly improve the patient's immune level, resist radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects, and work with radiotherapy and chemotherapy to kill cancer cells, enhancing effect. Phellinus igniarius extracts are non-toxic and harmless to humans, even using it in large doses for a long term there is no toxic side effect. Besides the anti-cancer effect of P. linteus and igniarius mushroom, researcher also found that polysaccharide could exterminate cancer cells and foreign substances that intruded from the outside by revitalizing the functions of various organs that are weakened due to the radio logy/chemical therapy during the treatment, minimizing the side effects such as vomiting, weight reduction, mistrial and fallen hair, and enhancing the immune function that is weakened the body by the surgical operation such as the removal of cancer growth.

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