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Phosphorus Tin Silicon Brazing Alloy

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Copper phosphorus tin antimony brazing alloy StandardOwn StandardCuZnRestMelting Temperature RangeApplied Base MetalBCuP-9BCu87PSn(Si) Balance6.0~6.7Sn 6.0~6.7  Si 0.01~0.4637~675Copper AlloyCuP385a(ISO)BCu86SnPBalance6.4~7.2Sn 6.5~7.5650~700Copper Alloy/BCu86SnPNiBalance4.8~5.8Sn 7.0~8.0  Ni 0.4~1.2620~670Copper AlloyCuP389(ISO)BCu92PSbBalance5.6~6.4Sb 1.8~2.2690~825Copper AlloyCopper phosphorus is principle elements of the product, with the tin, antimony and other elements. Brazing temperature is low. It is applied in the resistance brazing, flame brazing and high frequency brazing. It is used in brazing of copper and copper alloys, but not in brazing of ferrous metals. The product is applied widely in the industries of refrigeration, household appliances, electric machinery, electric appliance and instrument etc. Flux is unnecessary when brazing copper as phosphorus plays a role of flux. Cleaning the surface of brazing metals strictly before brazing is necessary to remove the dirty such as oil dirties oxides etc.Preform Dimension Form Form Form Form Form Form Rod 1.3---1.5 150--1000Ring WireFoilStripIf you require special dimension, please call or email directly.

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