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Photo Etched Plate

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Product Description
Machining Type Metal etching, Laser cutting, stamping and E-forming1.Material Capabilities Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Hardened Metals,    Precious Metals and Aluminum alloy.2.Product thickness: 0.001' up to 0.045'3.Product Max Dimension: 27*27 inch4.Smallest opening hole D= 0.0039 inch when thickness below 0.002'5.Centre to Centre for holes 1.5*Thickness6.Smallest line width 0.03mm.7.Product dimensional tolerance ± 0.01mm (depending on the thickness). It's generally 20% of material thickness.8.Secondary processing:Silver/Gold/Tin plated, Matt finish, paint, polishing or other surfaces treatment can be discussed when needed.9.Two types of image files (DXF/DWG) enabled  Etching process: Film(CAD output) →get the materials ready→Pre-treatment→DRY FILM(Lamination)→Exposure→Developing→Drying→Etching→Stripping → Checking,Packing,Delivery Character:precision  etching, smooth surface on both edges, no embossment, no convexconcave,no burnisher burr , no warping, any complicated pattern or geometric figure is available.

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