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Piezoelectric Velocity Sensor

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Product Description
Piezoelectric Velocity SensorBased on piezoelectric accelerometers, the CV-YD-series have the extra character of built-in precise circuit of integration and velocity output. Wider frequency response range, mechanical moving parts not easily damaged, light weight and good dynamic response than magnetoelectric velocity transducers.Features:Equipped with precision integrator circuitUsing the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric materialsWide frequency response, suitable for small vibration velocity measurementGood reliability, suitable for random direction as vertical and horizontalSpecifications:ModelCV-YD-002CV-YD-004CV-YD-005CV-YD-010 CV-YD-021Sensitivity (20±5℃)400mV/mm/s0.64mA/mm/s150mV/mm/s10.8mA/mm/s4mV/mm/sMeasurement Range10-25mm/s0~25.4mm/s0-20mm/s0-20mm/s±1000 mm/sFrequency Range4~2000Hz4~2,000Hz4~2000Hz10~1,000Hz4~4,000HzOperating Temp. Range-10 ℃~70 ℃-40 ℃~85℃-20 ℃~70 ℃-20 ℃~80℃-20 ℃~80℃Supply Voltage(DC)±10V~±15V+15V~30V±10V~±15V+15V~30V18VDC~24V DC(Costant Current Source)Operating Current<2mA4-20 mA2~10mA4-20 mA2-10 mADynamic Range±8~10Vp±10VpMountingM5 ThreadM8 ThreadM5 Thread1/4-281/4-28Sensing ElementPiezoelectric CeramicsPiezoelectric CeramicsPiezoelectric CeramicsPiezoelectric CeramicsPiezoelectric CeramicsCase MaterialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelstainless steel304 Stainless steelOutputM12 x1  (4-Pin Socket)      1: +DC; 2: –DC      3:GND; 4:OutputM12 x1 (2-Pin Socket)      1:4~20mA Positive (Power)      2:4~20mA Negative (Output)M12×1  (4-Pin Socket)      1:+DC; 2: –DC      3:GND;      4:OutputTop 5/8-24 2-pin SocketTop 5/8-24 2-pin SocketWeight130g100g110g138 g80 g

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