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Pir Motion Detector

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PIR Motion detectorDescriptionName: Wireless PIR Motion DetectorModel: XSJ-80XSJ-80 Passive Infrared Motion Detector, It is designed to detect movement by measuring the heat of any humun body passes by the detector, and compares this heat to a background setting (eg. wall). When motion is detected, the unit emits a signal to the alarm main unit to set off the alarm.Wireless PIR Main FeaturesWireless wide-angle PIR sensorMainly monitor and control indoor space, generally set as Motion zoneWhen human body enters into detecting area, the sensor will transmit alarm signals to the alarm hostInternal wireless antenna with long distance transmissionPet immune with ability to distinguish humans from household pet under 20kgAdjustable detection time span (5 seconds or 5 minutes)Unique temperature compensationMotion detection and low voltage indication by LED indicatorOn/Off Switch DesignTest button to send signalEasy installtion

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