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PIRILAX®-Prime - Impregnation

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Biopiren ® (flame retardant - antiseptic) for wood and materials based on it. TU 2499-027-24505934-05 appointment • It protects the wood from the fire, stop the spread of flames in the current fire. • Eliminates wood-and molds, beetle - woodworm, prevents their appearance. • Extends the life of wooden structures, reduces cracking of the wood. application • Exterior wood surfaces (walls, the frontal part of the roof) of residential and non-residential, pro- duction, administrative, educational, child care and other types of buildings. • Surfaces that are in severe conditions (unventilated space with high humidity) truss systems, basement and basement rooms, beams, joists, floorboards below the lower crowns baths. • Building materials, fresh log-on exposure. • Internal and hidden wooden structures of all types of transport.

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PIRILAX®-Prime - impregnation
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