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Pit Gas Carburizing Furnace

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Smelting categories: noProduction: noPower consumption: noDetailed description:Application: Well type gas carburizing furnace is a kind of cyclical furnace. It is suitable for the gas carburizing of low carbon steel parts,Website:http://www.sxcdgyl.com,  carbonitriding, also can be used for protecting the mechanical parts in the heating process and surface chemical heat treatment.Complete range: Furnace, electric control cabinet, microcomputer carbon type control device.Features:1.Unique muff and air duct structure, free hanging wind guide cover, oil sealing furnace bottom and strong convective circulation fan, is the core of the internal structure of well type carburizing furnace and also the design concept and reliable guarantee of uniformity of furnace temperature and carbon potential.2.Muff furnace, with all fiber in lining, is the trend of energy saving and environmental protection currently.3.The design of furnace body is streamlined shape to make the equipment appearance generous.4.Adopting the advanced integrated controller produced and developed by professional research of heat treatment in Germany(PE or STANGE) can have advanced control, reliable operation, friendly interface, and easy to use.5.Meet the needs of different customers.The basic parameters:1.The uniformity of furnace temperature: ±5℃2.The temperature control precision: ±1℃3.The plus or minus of carbon potential control precision: 0.02CP%

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