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Plain Tube

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Product Description
Suzhou Hengxiang Medical Device Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China plain tube manufacturers, our factory is able to produce CE certification plain tube. Welcome to wholesale cheap and high-quality products from us.No additive, Red/White capPETGlassSizeVolumePacking2110002211000113x75mm1ml100pcs/rack, 1200pcs/ctn2120002212000113x75mm2ml2130002213000113x75mm3ml2140002214000113x75mm4ml2150002215000113x75mm5ml2450002245000113x100mm5ml2460002246000113x100mm6ml2470002247000113x100mm7ml3480002348000116x100mm8ml100pcs/rack, 800pcs/ctn3490002349000116x100mm9ml341A002341A00116x100mm10ml

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