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Plaster Of Paris

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Plaster of Paris :The Plaster of Paris Cast is an ideal choice for practitioners and patients alike. Plaster is the most commonly used cast material, due to its easy application, use, and removal. Simply submerge the casting material in cool water and apply the wet plaster to the fracture site as needed. The submersion in water will initiate a chemical reaction, causing the plaster to harden within five minutes. The entire cast will be fully dry and set within 24 hours. The result is a durable, securely fitting cast that provides both stability and comfort. Easily remove the cast with a cast saw and spreaders, along with bandage scissors.Product benefit:1. Solidification time fast and steady by: 2-5 mins and dry immediately after solidification.2. Soak water time is fast: 5-10 sec3. The intensity can reach 3.2 mpa after 8 mins4. The temperature during solidification is 100.4-107.6 degree Fahrenheit (38 °C – 42 °C)ProductDescriptionSizeQtyH2-F12" Cast Bandages2"X 5YD (4.5M)144 Rolls / CaseH3-F13" Cast Bandages3"X 5YD (4.5M)72 Rolls / CaseH4-F14" Cast Bandages4"X 5YD (4.5M)72 Rolls / CaseH6-F16" Cast Bandages6"X 5YD (4.5M)72 Rolls / Case

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