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Plastic Box

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Plastic box product introduction:Do not stain, easy to clean: PP material density is 1.2, greater than water. And not with static electricity, color and greasy is not easy to be adsorbed and infiltration, but also easy to clean. All transparent, easy to finishing: PP fresh box of 89% transmittance, in the use of the process can be very convenient to observe the freshness of food, especially in the refrigerator can be very convenient to find the need to food, everything is clear at a glance. Food grade raw materials: raw materials are food grade, food without any pollution, will not constitute any impact on the human body, as a result of strict selection of durability and heat resistance of high quality materials, so the maximum protection of the safety and mechanical properties of the product.Super high temperature resistance, high temperature deformation: PP preservation box temperature range: -40 C~140 C, can be used for cold storage, and can be used in the 140 degree high temperature disinfection and use without deformation, usually used in microwave oven high temperature heating food. It is not easy to break, beautiful and durable: the use of PP storage box is used in the material of polycarbonate, commonly known as "bullet proof glass", has a strong impact resistance, thermal stability, and can inhibit bacteria, flame retardant and anti pollution, etc.. Transparent appearance, a glass like texture and not broken.

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