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Plastic Fence Profile

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Product Description
Product DescriptionStrong UV Protection plastic fence profileWe provide a variety of plastic fence profile and the highest quality Customized plastic fence profile at the lowest prices on the web. Custom designs and sizes are no problem. plastic fence profile are safe, since they’re constructed without sharp edges, and won’t rust, corrode, or require painting. you can see,pvc fence profile, through chemical and mechanical engineering has created a product that is virtually maintenance free. Components of plastic fence profileNO.NameDescreption   WALL THICKNESS      (inch)NO.NameDescreption   WALL THICKNESS      (inch)13030PPost 3"X3"0.0982035HRRail 2"X3-1/2"0.1124040P135Post 4"X4"0.13592035RRRail 2"X3-1/2"0.1134040P15Post 4"X4"0.15102060RRRibbed Rail 2"X6"0.0945050P15Post 5"X5"0.15112060HRRail 2"X6"0.0955050P157Post 5"X5"0.16121555RRRibbed Rail 1-1/2"X5-1/2"0.0865050P25Post 5"X5"0.25133535TRDecorative T rail 3-1/2"0.1176060PPost 6"X6"0.2014DECO2Decorative for Rail 2"0.07    152060DSRSlotted Ribbed Rail with lattice groove(middle) 2"x6"0.08216078TGT+G Ribbed panel 7/8"X6"0.051162060SRSlotted Ribbed Rail 2"x6"0.082211387TG051T+G Ribbed panel 7/8"X11-3/8"0.051172035LRSlotted Ribbed Rail with lattice groove(top) 2"x3-1/2"0.082311387TG04T+G Ribbed panel 7/8"X11-3/8"0.04181555SRSlotted Ribbed Rail 1-1/2"x5-1/2"0.0824TGUU-groove  for panel0.051191555DSRSlotted Ribbed Rail with lattice groove(middle) 1/2"x5-1/2"0.0825LPUU-groove  for lattice0.051201535LRSlotted Ribbed Rail with lattice groove(top) 1/2"x3-1/2"0.0826138PPicket 1-3/8"X1-3/8"0.08271515PPicket 1-1/2"X1-1/2"0.08283078PPicket 7/8"X3"0.08291578PPicket 7/8"X1/2"0.07306078PPicket 7/8"x6"0.05131LRlattice 1/4"x1-1/2"0.04Hot Related plastic fence profile

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