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Plastic Heater

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Qingdao Zhaoxing Extrusion Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China plastic heater manufacturers and suppliers equiped with professional factory,Website:, welcome to buy plastic heater made in China from us.Cast heaterMetalCasting heater has the feature with heating element of high efficiency divide equable.Good thermal conductivity metal alloy, ensure hot surface temperature equable, eliminate hot point and cold point of device.It has long life time, keep warm property, strong mechanical property, corrosion-proof, magnetic field proof advantages etc. CERAMIC HEATERCeramic band heater is heating element of high temperature and long life-time service. It has the feature with fitting expediently, heat-resistance, transfer energy quickly, good insulation, no limited for the type and size advantages, etc. All our products have one-year warranty and service life is longer than ten years.Mica HeaterZhongbangling Mica Band heater/heating plate is one kind heating element of making resistance twist on insulation mica sheet. It has a feature-inside heat preservation: Because of the high quality coating plate inside of the mica heater, it can decrease 20%~30% heat emission than any other common heater when the temperature reached 200℃。Protective coverThe protective cover used for extruder, can cooling and eliminate friction heat for the equipment together with the air blowers. It can be controlled accurately for the heater. Inside of the cover, we can choose the most suitable band heater based on the operating ambient temperature,as follows: ≤200℃ use Mica Band Heater;  200℃~330℃ use cast Aluminum band heater;330℃~460℃ use copper fin band heater; 460℃~700℃ use ceramic band heater.Tubular heaterZhongbangling Tubular heater use 304,316,321 etc. stainless steel outside, high purity magnesium oxide stick with nickel chromium alloy wire inside, and the leading wire use heating-resisting wire of 500℃ pure nickel core. It can ensure the error limit in ±0.025mm for the outer diameter of the tubular heater. The distance is just allowed less than 0.2mm between hole of the mold and OD of the tubular heater. Based on the compact cooperation, it can have a good heating effect, and increase the service life of the tubular heater. Air blowerOur air blower, made up of Forward Curved impeller and pure copper enamel wire motor with rolling bearing, has its own active cooling system.The main feature is small volume, large air volume, high efficiency, high wind pressure, etc.It is widely used in cooling for extruder machine, kitchen equipment, electronic equipment, duct ventilation air purification, pollution control, are curtain, etc.We can manufacture as customer’s requirement for single or three phase, 220V, 415V, 440V, 50/60Hz and all kinds of any other different size of air blowers.

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