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Plastic Meal Box

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Product Description
Carton size mmArt no ZIPDescriptionSize LxWxHcolorpcs/innerpcs/ctnLWHcbmN.W. KGG.W. KG3280020Mealbox 16oz 476ml207x170x25mmblack62.52503903504300.0586954.8755.6753280030Mealbox 24oz 714ml207x170x38mmblack62.52503903504300.0586955.3756.1753280040Mealbox 32oz 952ml207x170x50mmblack62.52504103504300.0617055.656.453290030Lid dome 16-32oz 476-952ml207x170x25mmclear OPS62.52503602604300.0402482.8753.6753281010Mealbox 1-c 36oz 1071ml238x203x38mmblack62.52504203654900.0751177.6258.4253291010Lid dome 1-comp238x203x30mmclear OPS62.52504002504200.0424.1254.9253281020Mealbox 2-c 625/298ml238x203x38mmblack62.52504203654900.0751177.6258.4253291020Lid dome 2-comp238x203x30mmclear OPS62.52504002504200.0424.1254.9253281030Mealbox 3-c 625/134/134ml238x203x38mmblack62.52504203654900.0751177.6258.4253291030Lid dome 3-comp238x203x30mmclear OPS62.52504002504200.0424.1254.925Our meal box has below benifits and advantages.MADE FOR MEAL PREPARATION: Compact, lightweight and perfect for meal preparation bags and portion controlled meals on the go.SMART MEAL PLANNING: Our bento style lunch box containers make meal planning painless. Prepare your meals ahead of time and bring them everywhere you to make sure you never miss a healthy meal.KEEPS FOOD FRESH: Separate compartments help to keep your food fresher, tastier and longer.FULLY REUSABLE: Specially reinforced with materially enhanced plastic, Meal Prepared Zone containers are reusable, and safe to use in the microwave.

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