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Plastic Micro Bowl

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Product Description
Carton size mmArt no ZIPDescriptionSize LxWxHcolorpcs/innerpcs/ctnLWHcbmN.W. KGG.W. KG3265300Micro bowl 10oz 300mlØ120x40mmtransp505006002452050.0301354.553265370Micro bowl 12oz 370mlØ120x50mmtransp505006002452400.035285.66.13265450Micro bowl 16oz 450mlØ120x65mmtransp505006002452950.0433656.256.753265525Micro bowl 20oz 525mlØ120x77mmtransp505006002403100.044647.583265650Micro bowl 25oz 650mlØ120x87mmtransp505006002453800.0558688.53265730Micro bowl 30oz 730mlØ120x105mmtransp505006002454500.066159.259.753265960Micro bowl 32oz 960mlØ120x136mmtransp505006002455000.073511.5123265305Micro bowl 10oz 300mlØ120x40mmblack505006002452050.0301354.553265375Micro bowl 12oz 370mlØ120x50mmblack505006002452400.035285.66.13265455Micro bowl 16oz 450mlØ120x65mmblack505006002452950.0433656.256.753265527Micro bowl 20oz 525mlØ120x77mmblack505006002403100.044647.583265655Micro bowl 25oz 650mlØ120x87mmblack505006002453800.0558688.53265735Micro bowl 30oz 730mlØ120x105mmblack505006002454500.066159.259.753265965Micro bowl 32oz 960mlØ120x136mmblack505006002455000.073511.5123275525Lid 10-32oz 230-960mlØ120mmtransp505005302552550.0344633.053.55As well as being great for storing small portions of restaurant take away leftovers such as Chinese, Indian or sushi, these microwavable bowls are great for keeping snacks handy while on the go, and also make excellent party buffet bowls! They are ideal for storing a variety of foodstuffs such as rice, pasta, salad, fruit, nuts, olives, condiments, party dips, yoghurt, marinated vegetables, herbs, spices, cereal, candy, ice cream and more. Simply stack in your fridge. Take to school, work, camping, hiking, gym or even golf! Great sizes, which fit inside your cooler for that perfect picnic! Think outside the box!

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