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Plastic Micro Container

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Product Description
Carton size mm      Art no ZIP      Description      Size LxWxH      color      pcs/inner      pcs/ctnLWHcbmN.W. KGG.W. KG3264500Micro cont 500ml175x120x35mmtransp505006151803800.0420667.257.753264650Micro cont 650ml175x120x45mmtransp505006151803650.04040688.53264750Micro cont 750ml175x120x52mmtransp505006151803800.04206699.53264990Micro cont 960ml175x120x60mmtransp505006151804750.0525839.259.753264505Micro cont 500ml175x120x35mmblack505006151803800.0420667.257.753264655Micro cont 650ml175x120x45mmblack505006151803650.04040688.53264755Micro cont 750ml175x120x52mmblack505006151803800.04206699.53264995Micro cont 960ml175x120x60mmblack505006151804750.0525839.259.753264777Micro cont 750ml 2-c175x120x52mmtransp505006151804250.0470489.5103264778Micro cont 750ml 2-c175x120x52mmblack505006151804250.0470489.5103274777Lid 500-960ml175x120mmtransp505006251804300.0483755.563274777-1Lid 500-960ml fold175x120mmtransp505006251804200.047255.56These Polypropylene (PP) food containers are microwave safe, allowing for convenient reheating of food in seconds without melting or warping. Also freezer safe down to -20°F and suitable for long term food storage, allowing you to make batches of homemade food and store for freshness. Suitable for hot foods. They are easy to use and easy clean, with a gentle hand wash recommended to maximise the longevity of these food containers.

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