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Plastic Sauce And Deli Cup

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Product Description
Carton size mm      Art no      Description      Size LxWxH      color      Pcs/inner      Pcs/ctnLWHcbmN.W. KGG.W. KG3150060Cup 60mlØ70x25mmtransp10020003702903700.0397014.14.73150080Cup 80mlØ70x42mmtransp10020003752903700.0402386.67.13150100Cup 100mlØ70x48mmtransp10020004002903700.042926.67.13170120Lid 60-100mlØ70mmclear10020004003003300.03962.73.23150200Cup 200mlØ97x45mmtransp8016004003305050.066667.688.183170250Lid 200-250mlØ97mmclear8016004003805100.0775244.5All our sauce cups have snap lock lids to prevent leakage, keeping delicate foods and sauce fresh and contained. As well as being reusable and extremely durable these stackable cups save space when take away or not in use. All in all one of  the best sauce cups on the market right now!

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