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Plastic Stand Up Bag

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This packaging solution is fast becoming one of the most popular bags for the food industry. It has a tear off seal and an optional zip lock function at the top. An empty stand up pouch takes a small amount of shipping space,Website:, yet when filled it can hold a significant amount of product. These bags are also an excellent choice for frozen food packaging, lawn and garden packaging, pet food packaging. Stand up Pouches have become the ideal flexible packaging medium for both large and small businesses alike. Plastic Stand Up Pouches are available in 4mil and 5.4mil gauges, and consist of PET for Water and Moisture barrier properties and LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene). Stand up pouches elegantly maximize shelf space over traditional packaging such as boxes and cartons and allow for visibility of contents. Since the pouches are shipped flat before filling, they also minimize costs of freight and warehousing. Clear Stand up pouches are best suited for packing dry goods such as cookies, nuts, candies, etc., but can be used for many other applications. Tear notch and degassing valves are available on most sizes. Bag style:  Plastic Stand up bag(bottom guseet bag) Features: 1.Full range of advanced machine for production, such as 10-color computer-controlled printing, high speed laminator, heat seal machines, cold cutting and heat cutting machines, slitting machines, interim sealing machine, professional bag-making machine etc. 2.Green material, Non benzene and ketone printing, Energy conservation &eco-friendly. 3.Products tested by our advanced testing equipment to ensure performance and healthy standard, which stand for the quality. 4.High barrier property against air, moisture and puncture etc. 5.Strong seal strength and peel strength of lamination. 6.Low friction coefficient. Sample 1.It will take 8-12days for the printed samples, or 5-7days for plain samples. 2.Free for firm order. Size Customize Laminated Material Outer: PET, BOPP, Nylon, MET PET, MATT BOPP, MATT PET, PVDC, COATED PET etc. Middle: PET, MET PET, etc. Inner: LLDPE, CPP, PE etc.; Customize Structure: Customize, and can refer to the item of Laminated Material. Thickness Customize Printing: 1.Green and fantastic printing performance. 2.Outside or inside printing. 3.Up to 10 colors, max width 1.05m (few manufacturer can reach) Customize

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