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Plateau Type Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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plateau type indoor vacuum circuit breaker  VS1-24indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is an AC three-phase 50HZ indoor high-voltage switching equipment with rated voltage of 24KV,mainly applied for protection and control in power distribution system of power plant, electric substation and industrial and mining enterprise, It is especially applied for breaking of important load and place requiring frequent operation.  1.Altitude:≤2000m,It should be custom-made for>2000m.  2.Ambient temperature:Max.+40 °C,Min.-25°C  3.Relative Humidity: Daily average value should be less than 95%,monthly average value should be less than 90%  4.The earthquake intensity: less than 8 degree.  5.The place where it is used is free from fire, explosion, chemical corrosion and intense vibration.NOItemUnitsparameters1Rated voltageKV122Rated FrequencyHZ503Rated CurrentA630.1250.1600.2000.31504Rated short-circuit breaking currentKA20 25 31.55Rated short-circuit closing current (peak)KA50 63 806Rated short-circuit durationS47Rated short-circuit breaking current breaking numbernos50s8Rated operating sequence0-0.3s-CO-180s-CO9Rated lightning impulse withstand voltagekv125101min power frequency withstand voltageKV6511Closing timems≤ 7012opening timems≤ 5013Mechanical lifeTimes2000014Rated Storage and operation voltageVAC DC 220/11015Breaking lifems≤ 8016Storage lifes≤ 10

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