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Plug-in Encapsulated Power Transformer

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Mainly used as power switching tool in single phase and three-phase electronic energy meter, or the other industrial instruments, measuring equipment or home appliance.It adopts vacuum epoxy sealed encapsulation, excellent waterproof, anti-seismic performance, and good insulating property. It can be dipped rinse by ultrasonic wave.It adopts high efficiency silicon steel sheet, special plug-in technics and low self-loss.Wide range of input voltage: 0.7UN-1.9UN, which can avoid misconnection or ground suppression fault etc. abnormal situations.Enclosure adopts flame resistant material, which meet the UL94V0 flame resistant design.It satisfies the relative requirement of IEC61036 Energy Meter Standard.DIMENSION & LABELMODEL DEFINITIONCOMMON MODEL SELECT TABLE (Un=220V)MODELINPUTOUTPUTRated voltageRated frequencyMax voltagePINPINVoltageCurrentPowerBPT2814E-3F0-095A220V50/60Hz1.5Un1-51-210V±0.5V20 mA0.95VA6-710V±0.5V20 mA9-1010V±0.5V55 mABPT2814E-3F0-099A220V50/60Hz1.5Un1-51-211V±0.5V20 mA0.99VA6-711V±0.5V20 mA9-1011V±0.5V50mABPT2814E-3F0-090A220V50/60Hz1.9Un1-51-210V±0.5V20 mA0.90VA6-710V±0.5V20 mA9-1010V±0.5V50mABPT2814E-3F0-094A220V50/60Hz1.9Un1-51-211V±0.5V20 mA0.94VA6-711V±0.5V20 mA9-1011V±0.5V45 mABPT2814E-3F1-095A220V50/60Hz1.5Un1-51-210V±0.5V20 mA0.95VA6-710V±0.5V55 mA9-1010V±0.5V20 mABPT2814E-3F1-099A220V50/60Hz1.5Un1-51-211V±0.5V20 mA0.99VA6-711V±0.5V50 mA9-1011V±0.5V20 mABPT2814E-3F1-095A220V50/60Hz1.9Un1-51-210V±0.5V20 mA0.95VA6-710V±0.5V55 mA9-1010V±0.5V20 mABPT2814E-3F1-099A220V50/60Hz1.9Un1-51-211V±0.5V20 mA0.99VA6-711V±0.5V50 mA9-1011V±0.5V20 mANote: Under the terms of similar output frequency, output voltage and output current can be designed for clients. PLS confirm the exact model or offering relative parameters according to above table.OTHER PARAMETERSModelIsolated withstand voltageInsulation resistanceWorking temperatureStock temperatureBPT2814x-3F0-xxxxN1-N2, N3-N2 withstand voltage is 4000 Vrms,N1-N2 withstand 1000Vrms≥1000MΩ (test voltage: 500VDC)-50~+80℃-55~+85℃BPT2814x-3F1-xxxxN1-N3, N2-N3 withstand voltage is 4000 Vrms, N1-N3 withstand  is 1000Vrms≥1000MΩ (test voltage: 500VDC)-50~+80℃-55~+85℃Parameter instruction:Max input voltage: Under 25℃situation, full load, input 1.5Un or 1.9Un on the Pin1-5, the transformer will not be broken if power on for 4 hours.Isolated withstandvoltage: The power transformer that applied within the different windings, duration is 60 seconds, leakage current 1mA, no breakdown, no arcing.PAKINGDATANet /pcspcs/CTNWeight/CTNCubage/CTN

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