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Poly-α-olefin Pour Point Depressant

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Poly-α-Olefin Pour Point DepressantT803B Poly-α-Olefin Pour Point Depressant Product IntroductionThis product has excellent pour point depression ability ,with light color. It could be used as ideal pour point depressant for light lube oil ,and also could depress the pour point of heavy lube oils.It could obviously improve the fluidity of oil product at low temperature.T803B possesses low viscosity, and shear resistance performance is significantly improved, It also can improve the viscosity index of oil products. ApplicationThe products are widely used in various of industrial oils and engine oils. Reference DosageThe recommended dosage is from 0.2% to 1.0%. SpecificationItemTypical ValueTest MethodGrade AAppearanceOrange liquidVisualKinematics Viscosity (100°C), mm2/sReportGB/T265Flash Point(COC),℃≥ 135GB/T35362)Machinery Impurities,m%≤ 0.06GB/T5113)Ash, %,≤ 0.10GB/T5084)Water Content,m%≤ 0.03GB/T260Effective content, %≥ 35SH/T0034Pour Point Depression Effect, ℃≥ 18GB/T5105)Shear stability index(SSI)ReportAppendix A*Packing & Storage The product is packed in 200L metal drum. Store in dry, clean and well ventilated warehouses. For the details of health and safety precautions, please check the related MSDS.

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