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Polyetheramine T 3000

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Polyetheramine T-3000 CAS No.: 64852-22-8 Molecuar formula: [-CH(CH2-)2][[OCH2CH(CH3)]nNH2]3 Structure: Description: Polyetheramine T-3000 is a triamine of approximately 3000 molecular weight. It is a clear, almost colorless, liquid product having medium viscosity and very low vapor pressure.Physical properties: ItemsIndexAppearanceColorless to pale yellow liquidColor, Pt-Co≤75Primary amine, % of total amine≥97Total acetylatables, m mol/g0.96-1.06Total amine, m mol/g0.90-0.98Water, %≤0.25Applications: Polyetheramine T-3000 is highly reactive soft block in polyurea RIM or spray applications. It can also be used as thermoplatic polymer modifier and adhesion promoter in epoxy systems. Polyetheramine T-3000 is also the modifier and curative in polyurethane elastomers and foams.Package and storage: Packed in barrels of 200kg net each with nitrogen. Validity period is one year in shadow.

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