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Polyken 934 Anticorrosion Cold Applied Butyl Rubber Pipeline Coating Tape

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If you are looking for China golden supplier and China good supplier polyken 934 anticorrosion cold applied butyl rubber pipeline coating tape, good quality and high quality polyken 934 anticorrosion cold applied butyl rubber pipeline coating tape, please feel free to contact Jining Qiangke Pipe Anticorrosion Materials Co.,Ltd.System Descriptionpolyken 934 anticorrosion cold applied  butyl rubber pipeline coating tape is a cold applied tape coating system designed for the corrosion protection of field joints, fittings, and specialty piping. The highly conformable backing and thick, aggressive adhesive also make it the ideal repair system for all types of main line coatings. POLYKEN 934 tape coating system is universally specified in the oil, gas and water industries.Features  - Conformable to irregular shapes. - Excellent adhesion to pipe and self- Thick, aggressive adhesive.- Conformable to irregular shapes.- Cold applied-Compatible with all pipe diameters and generic plant coatings -Complies with ASTM D1000,AWWA C 209,EN 12068 standards- As repair system for line coatingsStructureThe specification of the tape consists of three layers,Backing:Special blend of stabilized polyolefinesAdhesive:Butyl rubber Bituminous Compound and Adhesion Promoting ResinsInterleaf:Antiadhesive Film Treated with SiliconePropertiesPROPERPTIESUNITTEST METHODTYPICAL VALUESPOLYKEN934-40POLYKEN934-50POLYKEN934-60POLYKEN934-65Total thicknessmilASTM D 100040mils50mils60mils65milsTensile StrengthN/cmASTM D 1000607080100Elongation%ASTM D 1000300300350350Peel adhesionTo primed pipeN/cmASTM D 100030333535Dielectric StrengthKV/mmASTM D 10004242.64343.8Volume Resistivityohm·cmASTM D 2572.5 X 10122.5 X 10122.5 X 10122.5 X 1012Water Vapor Transmission Rateg/ m2 /24hASTM E 960. Absorptivity%ASTM D 5700. Temperature℃-20-+70℃Max service temperature℃-40-+80℃PerformanceAWWA C-209,ASTM D 1000,EN 12068Recommended primer     :      P1027Additional mechanical layer :      POLYKEN 955How to select coating materialsExample:Total coating required thickness 3 mm with a minimum overlap of 50%.You Can Choose followed two methods :-1st :PRIMER 1027+ 934-60(60mil=1.524mm) as single double wrap, total 3mm .Or-2nd :PRIMER 1027 + 934-40(inner tape-40mil=1.016mm)+955-20(outer wrap-20mil=0.508mm),total 3mm.Ordering InformationPOLYKEN 934 tape coatings are in roll form. Eg.: POLYKEN 934-40 BLK  4"×50'POLYKEN 934Product Model No.Standard ordering options40Total tape thickness in mils40mils(1.016mm),50mils(1.27mm),60mils(1.524mm),65mils(1.651mm)BLKTape backing colorBlack (BLK) ,White(WHI)4Tape width in inches2"(50mm),,4"(100mm),6"(150mm),50Tape roll length in feet30ft(10M),50ft(15M),100ft(30M)Material Requirements(Width of Coating in inches) ×(Area of pipe in square feet)* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------=Squares **of Coating Required(Width of coating in inches-Overlap in inches) ×100*Area of pipe in square feet=(Diameter in inches)/12×3.1416×(Length in feet)**One square=One hundred square feet=9.29 square meters(Width of Coating in mm) ×(Area of pipe in square meter)*-------------------------------------------------------------------------------=Square meter of Coating Required(Width of coating in mm-Overlap in mm) *Area of pipe in square meter=(Diameter in mm)/1000×3.1416×(Length in meter)

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