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Polyken 942 Black Anticorrosion Pipe 3- Ply Coating Tape

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If you are looking for China golden supplier and China good supplier polyken 942 black anticorrosion pipe 3- ply coating tape, good quality and high quality polyken 942 black anticorrosion pipe 3- ply coating tape, please feel free to contact Jining Qiangke Pipe Anticorrosion Materials Co.,Ltd.System DescriptionThe polyken 942 black anticorrosion pipe 3-ply coating tape is a multilayer coating system designed for the corrosion protection of pipeline operating in highly corrosive environments and exposed to high mechanical stresses that may be present particularly on large diameter pipes. The 3-ply adhesive system produces a strong cohesive bond to the primed steel surface, at the spiral overlap and to the mechanical outer layer. The tough mechanical properties of the outer layer provide protection to the pipes during handling and installation.Features- Fully amalgamating overlapping areas Forming a sleeve-type coating- Impermeable to oxygen and moisture- Resistant to soil stress Superior in-ground performance-Long-term in-ground performance-Uniform coating thickness Plant coating quality with in-situ application-Low cathodic protection-current requirements Saving cost over the life of the pipeline-Compatible with all pipe diameters and generic plant coating  systemsPropertiesPROPERTIESUNITTEST METHODInner layer-3ply tapePOLYKEN 942-32Total ThicknessmilASTM D 100032mil(0.8mm)Tensile strengthN/cmASTMD1000112Elongation at break%ASTMD1000650Peel strength to primed steel at 23 ℃at 50℃N/cmEN 12068Annex C151.3Peel strength tape to tapeat 23 ℃                          at 50℃N/cmEN 12068Annex B253.5Peel strength layer to layer-Inner to Inner-Outer to Inner-Outer to OuterN/mmEN 120681.52.00.5Dielectric strengthKv/mmASTMD14932Insulation    ResistanceOhm.m²EN 120681012Water Vapor Transmissiong/ m2 /24hASTM E 960.1Water Absorption%ASTM D 5700.08Impact resistance     at 23°JEN 1206818Cathodic disbandment at 23° cat 50° cmmEN 120681530Lap shear strength   at 50°N/mm2EN 120680.05Ordering InformationPOLYKEN 942 tape coatings are in roll form.Eg.: POLYKEN 942-32  4"×;100'POLYKEN942Product Model No.Standard ordering options32Total tape thickness in mils32mils(0.8mm)BLKTape backing colorBlack (BLK)4Tape width in inches2"(50mm),,4"(100mm),6"(150mm),9"(228mm),12"(305mm)18" (457mm)100Tape roll length in feet50ft(15M)100ft(30M),200ft(61M)

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