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Polymeric Flocculant

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Product Description
Product Model No Mian MaterialCAS NoEINECS NoMF Place of OriginPolymeric Flocculant9715DPG25265-71-8246-770-3C6H14O3Shanghai,China1、DescriptionPolymeric flocculant is a kind of organic, composite and cationic polymeric flocculant.2、Advantages1.Gathering the tiny paint slag preferably, and accelerate their speed of floating-up;2.Eliminating the emulsibility of circulating water effectively, increasing the volume of paint slag and its floating property;3.Appearance: White, sticky liquid;4.PH values(1% aqueous solution):7.5±1;5.Viscosity/20℃/4mm DIN cup: 15s.

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