polypeptide Hormones Glucagon acetate cas 16941-32-5 for Antihypoglycemic treatment (jerryzhang001@ - Nanjing Bangnuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

 polypeptide Hormones Glucagon acetate cas 16941-32-5 for Antihypoglycemic treatment (jerryzhang001@

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Safe and Supre Pure 98% Polypeptide Hormones Glucagon Acetate CAS 16941-32-5 for Antihypoglycemic Treatment


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Product name: Glucagon 

Alias: Glucagon Acetate; Glucagon1-37

CAS No.: 16941-32-5

EINECS: 204-035-4

Grade: Pharmceutical Grade

Storage: Shading, confined preservation

Place of Origin:   China

Brand Name: NJBNSteroid

Usage: Glucagon generally elevates the concentration of glucose in the blood by promoting gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis 



Glucagon is a peptide hormone, produced by alpha cells of the pancreas, it raises the concentration of glucose in the bloodstream. Its effect is opposite that of insulin, which lowers the glucose concentration. The pancreas releases glucagon when the concentration of glucose in the bloodstream falls too low. Glucagon causes the liver to convert stored glycogen into glucose, which is released into the bloodstream. High blood Glucose levels stimulate the release of insulin. Insulin allows glucose to be taken up and used by insulin-dependent tissues. Thus, glucagon and insulin are part of a feedback system that keeps blood glucose levels at a stable level. Glucagon belongs to a family of several other related hormones.


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