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Polyurethane Ceiling Rose

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Product Description
We offer wide selection on ceiling roses. Over 20 different designs on ceiling roses.Easy DIY fixing aided by light weight and strength. All ceiling roses can be fixed with adhesive, and edge filling is recommended to give a fully finished appearance.FR8101605×605×75mmFR8099605×605×75mmFR8094605×605×75mmFR8104Φ657mmFR8108Φ610mmFR8123Φ740×100mmFR8113Φ1192mmFR8106Φ515mmFR8110Φ668mmFR063Φ800mmFR8115Φ710mmFR8114Φ823mmFR8109Φ535mmFR8129Φ970mmFR8120Φ1010mmFR8118Φ400mmFR63680×440mmFR0012Φ350mmFR81051092×707mmFR8116Φ700mmFR8103600×310mmFR8090Φ1090mmFR8089475×475mmFR0013(1/4)Φ1485mm

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