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Polyurethane Cornices, Pu Crown Mouldings, Pu Trims

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Polyurethane Cornices, PU Crown Mouldings, PU TrimsAn excellent choice for High-rise CondominiumsWell chosen polyurethane trims can have an incredible effect on the look and character of your home for a very small cost.PU trims brilliantly define the character of any room and serve only to enhance the overall beauty of your entire home.To meet the needs of the growing number of customers who are looking to enhance a great room or add grander to any room without mess of plaster.We recognize that there are certain restrictions when it comes to installing PU Crown Mouldings in a Condo.There are issues with concrete walls (which restricts the use of nails or pins), available lengths, transport of lengths in elevators, finding room for cutting, noise restrictions and many other installation issues that may come up depending on the unit.With that in mind we now offer a full line Polyurethane Crown Molding installation for Condos using our new line of Polyurethane trim which has a few advantages over wood and MDF for Condo installations.MDF or Wood moulding installation in a Condo requires additional cost due to the added labor and time involved with bracing the trim to the concrete walls which often includes glued-in-place blocking.Polyurethane mouldings can be glued directly to the walls, which reduces cost.The flexibility of Polyurethane, allows longer lengths to be transported in standard elevators, this is not the case with MDF or wood which must be cut down in order to be brought up to your unit and then reassembled.Haining Royal polyurethane cornice trims are pre primed with a lacquer-based primer, which provides a clearly superior paint surface to products primed with water-based primer.The result is a smooth finish with Polyurethane Cornices, PU Crown Mouldings, PU Trims that requires little paint and almost no sanding to finish.

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