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Polyurethane Screen Mesh

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Polyurethane Fine Screen Mesh(PU Screen Mesh)The polyurethane fine screen mesh developed by Beijing Screen Technology Co., Ltd. is thermosetting polyurethane fine mesh,Website:http://www.bjscreens.com, and also called the casting polyurethane(CPU) fine mesh. The material is imported and the chain extender formulation of two-component after repeated experimental study to determine the casting process production. Casting processing technique is chemical reaction process to achieve the chemical cross-linking between the molecules, and then make the mesh achieved the best result use.Polyurethane fine screen mesh has excellent physical and mechanical properties, high strength, high elasticity, in particular abrasion resistance in the case of wet milling condition is 10times that of steel meshAdvantages of Landsky PU Screen Mesh:1.On the base of meeting the size distribution, the mesh slot is made into the shape of rectangle. For example, the apeture is designed as 0.1mm *2.59mm to accustomize the size distribution of 0.1mm, which gurantees the ratio of qualified fine material and improves the screening effciency.2.To strengthen the tensility of the mesh, the sieve strip appears a wedge-shape structure, which is moreover inlaid by high-intensity stretching resistance wire.3.The slot has a high size precision, with the plus and minus deviation less than 10mm. The whole mesh is neat and clean and refrained from any burrs. It can be observed clearly as microscopic image.4.With the resilience nature, the aperture is prevented from blockage. What s more, the wedge structure is adopted in the design of slot, which enables the critical-sized particles successfully down the mesh. The design makes up for the low apeture ratio and improves the screening efficiency and effect of the screening machine.5.With the anti-wear and anti-fatigue nature, the mesh service life is 8-10 times that of the stainless steel wire woven mesh, dozens of times that of the steel screen bar. It has a life span of 6 month under normal circumastances6.It can be installed by stretching fixing as well as flat fixing, so customers can choose the installation according to the size of screen.7.The PU mesh is suitable for a variety of electromagnetic high-frequency screens and composite high-frequency vibrating screens manufactured by Landsky.8.The meshes have various aperture size of the 700*1045 specifications. Hooks can be installed at the end of the mesh,making it workable on different multi-stack screen imported from abroad.9.Meanwhile, we can manufacture all kinds of mesh according to our customer s demand with our utmost possibilities.Specification:S/NModelTypical External Dimension (mm)Matched screen ModelAperture available (mm)Operning rate1X-0710700X1045DnF1014,DnFG1014, Derrick0.075,0.1,0.12,0.15,0.18,0.20,0.23,0.25,0.30,0.25,0.30,0.40,0.50,0.60,0.70,0.80,1.00,1.20,1.5030-48%2X-0812840X1245DnFG1226, DnFG12243X-0712B700X1225DZ1228, Derrick4X-0712D700X12455X-10201000X2320MVSk2020, FMVSk20206X-10251000X2820MVSk2025, FMVSk20257X-10301000X3320MVSk2030, FMVSk20308X-10351000X3820MVSk2035, FMVSk20359X-12201200X2320MVSk2420, FMVSk242010X-12251200X2820MVSk2425, FMVSk242511X-12301200X3320MVSk2430, FMVSk243012X-12351200X3820MVSk2435, FMVSk2435Note:  X  in the Model represents aperture size,Mesh model can be matched with other type screens.

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