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Poria Cocos Extract

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If you are looking for low price and high quality GMP, KOSHER and ISO certified poria cocos extract, or you want to buy 100% pure natural, hat sale and organic factory supply poria cocos extract from a famous China factory, please feel free to contact Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co.,Ltd.Quick DetailsType:            Mushroom ExtractForm:            PowderPart:            fruiting bodyExtraction Type:            Liquid-Solid ExtractionPackaging:            Drum, Plastic ContainerPlace of Origin:            Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Grade:            TopBrand Name:            JohncanPackaging & DeliveryPackaging Details:1kg/bag,5kg/bag,10kg/bag,25kg/drum(or according to the customers)Delivery Detail:promptSpecificationsTo cause diuresis, to invigorate the spleen function and to calm the mind.richtext [data-maya] { width: 750px; }Poria (Indian Buead,Tuckahoe)Poria cocosis a polypore fungus parasitic on roots or saprophytic on rotten stumps of certain pine trees growing in loose sandy soil, the most common including Pinus massoniana Lamb, P. densiflora Sieb. et Zucc., P. yunnanensis Franch., P. taiwanensis Hayata, and P. thunbergii Parl.Action:To cause diuresis, to invigorate the spleen function and to calm the mind.ProcessTuckahoe ——washed by water——drying —fines(40 mesh)—— extracted by 10 fold Alcohols——centrifugation——concentration——purified ——atomized drying —— grades——packs—— Detection of physicochemical index——put in storageAdvantage of our production1  Certified raw materials:100% Tuckahoe ;Contains no pollution and zoohormone; makes pure powder.2  Security of technology:  all the procedure is screened in clean workshop; production is made with QS for guarantee.3 Security of effective constituent:Triterpene

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