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Portable Ozone Generator

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What’s the Ozone Ozone is oxygen allotrope, under the room temperature,it is gas, colorless and the smell of grass when low concentration, soluble in water.Ozone chemistry more lively, strong oxidation ability.When faced with bacteria and harmful chemical substances (such as formaldehyde, benzene, n), immediately produce oxidation reaction, thereby to sterilizate, remove mildew, removal of harmful gases, and other functions.And ozone is highly Stable,it is composed of oxygen (O2) and a switch in a few hours and will revert to O2, so no pollution and residue.It is so far for it is recognized by world as may be the only material of food and beverage sterilization directly!The origin of product To come for a long time, the medical and health care, medicine, food processing, etc., to eliminate poison in the air have long used ultraviolet irradiation,Chemical fumigation and spraying methods, such as in the use of this or that defects.Ozone sterilization products, provide a fast and efficient method of disinfection, safe and reliable, easy to use, it is ideal replacement of the traditional drug elimination equipment. It is bound to be widely used.Range of application XM - a portable ozone generator can be moved using convenient, can be on different sterilization room purification treatment, is widely used in food plants, pharmaceutical plants, fish farms, water treatment, purification workshop, the various needs of the hotel industry, such as water and air disinfection. XM -t portable ozone generator to produce ozone gas has strong oxidation, catalytic effect, such as viruses and bacteria due to a variety of the role of free radicals in the ozone gas, make the dissociation of protein denaturation, nucleic acid and enzyme activity is reduced, thus disinfection sterilization.Model:XM-T Portable Type (3g,5g,7g,10g/h) Application:Both can use air and water Material:stainless steel Power:220V-50HZ Overall size: 400*180*250mm Packing Size:170*170*260mm Working principle: tube type high voltage discharge gap Job control: automatic control of time (the default) Cooling Method:BYO cool wind

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