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Portable Tattoo Removal Machine

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portable tattoo removal machine (AML700)Applications:1. Remove tattoo of all kinds of color, pigment deposit removal2. Remove colored eyebrow, eye line, lip lineProduct DescriptionSpecialized wipe out Eyebrow tattoos pigment, the pigment embroidered eyebrow, floating eyebrow, carved eyebrow pigment, lip color bleaching material and eye-line pigment. Pigmented skin lesions and mixed pigment of pigmentation Dispel coffee spots, senile plaque, Birthmark, Beauty spot etc, all kinds of pigment skin lesions. Specialized wipe out red, brow and coffee tattoos.Advantages1,Fashionable design2,Big laser output energy: higher effiency and more comfortable treatment3,Humanized treatment menu:English system language, simple operation4,Alarm of water flow:if no water inside or few water inside machine,the system will alarm automatically- aound alarm and stop all working immediately5,100% American imported "plug and play"handle connector, integrating with a perfect water-electricity isolation assembly inside; increase the stability of the machine greatly and facility actual operation actually6,High quality machine shell of ABS material, with OEM painting servicesSpecification of laser beauty equipment L700:1.Weight: 15kg2.Guiding red light  3.Frequency: 1-6Hz4.Pulse duration: 6ns  5.Water-temp monitor               6.Water-flow monitor7.Spot diameter: 1-6mm   8.Pulse power: 0-1000mj9.Wave length: 1064nm/532nm10.Type of laser: Nd-YAG solid laser   11.Electrical requirement: AC220V /110V12.Physical dimension: 45cm*30cm*22cm (L*W*H)13.Working continuously under 50 degrees centigrade

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