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Potassium Metavanadate 99.9%

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POTASSIUM METAVANADATEFormula: KVO3Chemical Analysis in wt%V  in  totalas  KVO3≥99.9Fe≤0.01Cr≤0.005Si≤0.01P≤0.002S≤0.01Other≤Other elements on request.Physical PropertiesMelting point abt.: 630℃Size : less than 1mmCAS No.: 13769-43-2UN  No.: 2862Transport Hazard Class : 6.1HANRUI Article No.HR-1722GradeHigh PurityAppearanceWhite or light yellow powderApplicationCATALYST INDUSTRYPAINT AND CERAMIC INDUSTRYENAMELING INDUSTRYELECTRONICS INDUSTRYGLASS INDUSTRYLIFE SCIENCE INDUSTRYEMISSION CONTROLWe provide customers with individual products and expert technical service !PackagingSteel drums 25-200kgs.Other packing on request.

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