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Potato Drying Machine

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KINKAI Heat Pump Potato drying machine: Type: Heat pump dryer + drying chamber + trolleys Power Supply:  220V/1PH/50HZ or 380V/3PH/50HZ Heating source: 75% air source + 25% electric power Max. Temp:  75C Working Temp:  -10~45C Functions:  Heating / Cooling / Dehumidify Dryer Type:  Batch TypeWorking principle 1, Dryer evaporator of refrigerant absorb the air from outside 2, then compressor works that make the air temperature rise 3, heat exchanger change the hot air into drying chamber 4, final vegetables will be dried by the hot air circulating in drying chamberRecommend Dryer + Drying Chamber Sizes DescriptionDrying Chamber Size (Can Be Customized)Single JK03RD Dryer + Drying Chamber4000*2000*2200mmSingle JK06RD Dryer + Drying Chamber6000*2800*2200mmSingle JK10RD Dryer + Drying Chamber6000*3000*2200mmSingle JK12RD Dryer + Drying Chamber6000*3000*2200mmDouble JK03RD Dryers + Drying Chamber7000*2000*2200mmDouble JK06RD Dryers + Drying Chamber10000*2800*2200mmDouble JK10RD Dryers + Drying Chamber10000*3000*2200mmDouble JK12RD Dryers + Drying Chamber10000*3000*2200mmFeatures 1. Most of the air is circulated in the drying chamber. The heat efficiency is high and energy is saved. 2. By using the forced ventilation function, there are the adjustable air distribution plates inside the oven. The materials can be dried uniformly. 3. The heating source can use the electricity and air source 4. The temperature: hot air heating 10-75°C, max, 75°C. The temperature using the electrical:50-90°C 5. Low noise, balanced operation, automatically temperature control, easy installation and maintenance.Some pictures of potato drying machine Packing and shipping

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