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Potato Flakes

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Modern production technologies of potato flakes provide steadily high quality of products. Crude potatoes wash carefully, cleared, processed by steam and cut. Then it is blanched (passes hydrothermal processing), washed out from starch and cooks. Potato weight is rumpled by means of screws, after addition of food supplements dries on drying rolls and is crushed, then ready flakes pack up in packagings.

The ready-made product keeps useful properties of natural potatoes, does not contain GMO and perfectly is entered in the concept of healthy food. Potato flakes became the ideal decision for needs of army and fleet as are long-lived commodity.

Main advantages:

reduction of costs of production, profitability increase, decrease in quantity of waste products;
long mixing with water is not required, are easily recovered by cold water;
high hydration, for hydration is not required the special equipment;
acceleration of process of preparation of mashed potatoes and finished goods;
lack of dependence of the producer on season and from stocks of natural potatoes in storages;
decrease in cost value of ready-made products;
production of stable quality, improvement of appearance and gustatory qualities of ready-made products, long period of storage.

Scopes. Potato flakes are used in the different food industry branches:

for preparation of products of fast/instant preparation (mashed potatoes in packages, in glasses, and also for quickly cooked soups and sauces as natural thickener);
for preparation of the frozen semi-finished products (potato vareniki, cutlets, minced collops, zraz, khinkali, dolma, stuffed cabbage leaves, trickled pastries, knedliks, etc.). Flakes potato can be both additive in dough, and basis for stuffing. The main advantage is preservation of properties of product at freezing defrosting cycles;
for preparation of prepared mixes (dry-mixes for preparation of potato cake, potato oladyev, dumplings, etc.);
for preparation of different type of pastries and bakery goods (pancakes with potato stuffing, pies, potato rolls, potato, rye and white bread). Bread with additive of flakes becomes more friable and easily dyeing is cut, decreases, the crumb after pastries remains elastic, toothsome without callousness signs longer;
for preparation pellet, chips, snacks;
for preparation of meat products (sausages, pastes and canned meat). The additive of 3-4% of potato flakes positively influences water absorption coefficient, and also interferes with fat effluence in storage period. By production of pastes and canned meat potato flakes are used as additive;
instead of bread crumbs (for fish, meat, etc.);
for preparation of garnishes (mashed potatoes). From 1 kg of potato flakes it is possible to prepare 7 kg of mashed potatoes, for this purpose it is necessary to mix 125 gr. flakes and 750 ml of water to leave for several minutes, then to mix and add salt and spices to taste. Are widely used at catering establishments: in dining rooms, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, army, etc.

Storage conditions: Expiration date of 12 months from the date of production. To store in the dark dry room at temperature not over 25 ยบ With in packaging of firm manufacturer.

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