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Potato Harvester

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Product Description
4TSW-490 potato harvester Main function:This machine is adapted in sandy soil ridge’s potato harvesting working, is a kind of suspension type 's row to row harvesting machine, ridge’s row spacing is 2250px, especially adapts to the farm land which contains much dinas.Structure characteristics:1. Adopts eccentric shaft connecting rod type vibration parts, simple structure, stable working.2. Adopts vibration excavating operation type, using less soil during working, low power consumption, high adaption with this machine.3. Adopts vibration grid bar type organization to finish separation between soil and potato, reliable working, clean separation, low breakage. Main technical parameter:Overall dimension L*W*H(mm)1800*3620*1340Whole weight(kg)900Matched power(hp)48Row spacing(cm)90Rows No.(row)4Excavating depth(cm)20-30Losing rate(%)≤4.0Breakage rate(%)potato≤2Breakage skin rate(%)≤3

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